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Sarvodal (UK)

'My Life as a Dancer'
by Dharmisha Vekaria

My name is Dharmisha Vekaria, I am 14 years old, I enjoy dancing. I started dancing from a young age. At the age of 6 my Mum and Dad signed me up for a dance class called Saraswati Dance Academy. This class helped me from the basics to the complicated steps I learnt of different types of Indian Dance like, Bollywood, Folk, Bharatanatyam and Kathak.

All these dances are from different places in India. This also influenced me to learn a little bit more of our home country. It is very enjoyable because I have my friends with me and we all have fun while dancing. The different reasons I enjoy dancing is because you can express of talent and also build confidence while on stage.

My first performance was at Wembley Arena .I performed 2 dances with my dance class and I was 7 years old – it was an awesome experience at that age. I made my parents very proud. As it was my first performance I was really nervous and I thought I would forget my steps as I was so small and since then I have slowly but surely built up my confidence and felt proud about it.

My second performance was for Diwali on the Square at Trafalgar Square. This was an equally amazing experience and I performed in front of hundreds and thousands of people. We did a Diva dance and I still remember my mum talking to my papa saying "i had tears down my eyes seeing my little baby performing and dancing flawlessly” The public cheered for all of us and Satishbhai our teacher was very proud of us all.

And from then on I have progressed even more and still going to the same dance class which I have enjoyed for the last 7 years.