Tulsi Vivah in Baladia as experienced
by Ashwin Nanji Kerai

Earlier this year, my dad’s older brother (Manji Kanji Kerai) told us of his wish to do Tulsi Vivah in India. Being the close family that we are, we decided that as many of us as possible would go to support his wishes (infact 22 of us in total!) and make the trip to the mother land. For me and some of my cousins, it was not a ceremony we were too familiar with at the time but took it upon ourselves to make the trip anyhow and see for ourselves what it is all about and its significance to our cultural traditions.

In short, Tulsi Vivah is the wedding of Tulsibai to Lalji Maraj which takes place after the monsoon season, usually in October/November. The wedding ceremony is conducted similar to a normal wedding, but split over 3 or 4 days with the main wedding taking place in the evening. There is of course more significance to why this ceremony is carried out and you can read more about it on the internet.

The Kerai family would like to share with you some of our memories from the ceremony in Baladia. Enjoy…