Shree Baladia Leva Patel

Sarvodal (UK)

The modern day Baladia can trace its roots back to a very small village about 400 years ago. At this time it was known as "Veshpur".

This was a village mainly inhabited by Rabaris and was owned by "Jagirdars".

Our Leva Patel community only started settling there about 300 years ago in any significant numbers. Being farmers in the main we brought new techniques to the region and the area became very prosperous.

"Veshpur" was eventually replaced by "Baladia" after a "ling" (A shivling similar to the ones found in all Shiv mandirs) was found in a nearby field. It became known as the "Baldeshvar Mahadev Ling". This gave rise to the name "Baladia".

Today Baladians are in the forefront of the Kanbi community not only in terms of wealth but in the quality of the lives they lead. We have produced some of the most prominent and notable people in our Kanbi society.

The estimated present number of Baladians of Leva Patel origins is about 6,000 of whom about 3,500 live outside of India mostly in UK, Kenya, Tanzania and USA.

Baladia can today boast a modern Hospital, Samaj, Sports Complex, Seva Mandal, Swaminarayan Temples, Schools and all the major Banks.

Out of all the Kanbi villages Baladians are invariably at the forefront of Business and commerce, the Professions and Arts and Crafts.